At English Marker, we believe all language learners should have access to standardised and affordable feedback to improve their language skills. Our goal is to bring professional grading (currently only exclusively offered by the official exam board) to every learner of English at a fraction of the cost with significantly more feedback than is given post-exam.

Starting with writing, and working with experts in the industry, we have therefore developed an independent tool for learners of English to analyse their writing performance.

Some of our automatic tools for language analytics can provide excellent indicators on writing performance and we make full use of these to offer learners objective, standardised feedback.

However, our experience shows that even advanced AI technology is not yet capable of detecting or understanding crucial language nuances, making the human touch still invaluable in the assessment and feedback process. English Marker blends these two approaches for the best results whilst working towards a fully automatic grading solution that will be released in the future.

The English Marker system offers:

  • A grading service for English language written assessments according to the highest academic standards.

    What it means for users: This will give users the ability to get scores on their essays that are provided by trained markers normally only exclusive to exam boards.

  • Constructive feedback to help you improve your writing skills

    What it means for users: This feedback would result in better insights, clues and abilities to learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills

  • Help in assessing when your writing is robust enough to attempt exams at the CEFR level you are aiming to achieve.

    What it means for users: Using this tool would increase your essay writing skills with the extensive feedback on your writing; this can result in higher results when you take an exam.

  • A tool which schools can use for the standardised marking of essays

    What it means for schools: Using English Marker to grade student essays increases the level of standardisation and consistency which leads to a reduction of marking time for teachers and better feedback for students.


Making grading transparent, standardised, and affordable.

What it means for users: The feedback and scores that we provide include detailed analyses of the submitted essay, graded against marking criteria that is of the highest quality. This results in better insights, clues and abilities to improve writing skills and your future scores whilst increasing the level of standardisation and consistency. All of this is offered at an affordable, fair price so that anyone can use this service to improve their language skills.


To encourage, motivate and improve learning through regular, rapid and professional feedback.

What it means for users: Using this service, it is our belief that regular testing (backed up with scientific data) providing professional feedback increases regular testing providing professional feedback increases student motivation, learning performance and results compared to single, high-stake testing.

Key values:

  • Independent

  • Transparent

  • Standardised

  • Affordable